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Learn-through-Play Kit
for 3 Year Olds

Special Launch Price

What makes us special?

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Okay here is a secret. Most toys in the world as well as most day-to-day activities help with some or the other important skill in a child – Gross Motor, Planning, Hand-Eye Coordination, and many more. The products in this box help with all of the above, yes. But what makes us different is that we put special focus into a set of critical skills that we as human beings are not born with, but one that needs to be experienced at the right time for optimal development - The Executive Function Skills.

Our ability to focus, hold information in our heads and act based on them, control impulses, prioritize and change gears – basically the building blocks and foundation for our ability to learn, retain and act on anything throughout our lives – is determined by the Executive Function Skills (Working Memory, Inhibitory Control and Cognitive Flexibility) and the foundation for it is laid during Early Childhood through the right experiences at the right time.

This Box, a set of 4 is an ideal gift for a 3 year old, girl or boy. It contains a Board Book, a Memory Game, Jigsaw Puzzles and Tangram-like 2D Shapes with Idea Cards, specially designed and created for children and toddlers aged 3 years keeping their brain development in mind. This Kit is a product of our research and understanding of Early Childhood Development, and has been created to be a fun but educational tool to help set the right foundation at an early age.

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